An updated version of the NLTS2 Waves 1 through 5 data and documentation CD is now available from IES. Of special interest to researchers analyzing cross-wave, cross-source, and imputed data, new weights have been created specifically for performing these types of analyses. A new file and associated data dictionary have been added to the database that incorporate all NLTS2 weights—including the newly created weights—into a single data file. Also included in this update are modifications to documentation, data dictionaries, summarized transcript data variables, and other created variables. Listings of all updates, additions, and modifications made to the documentation, data dictionaries, and data files are included in the updated release and can be linked from the table of contents on Disk 1.

To receive the updated data and documentation, you may email a request to the IES Data Security Office.

Those interested in obtaining a license for the restricted use NLTS2 database may contact IES to find out more about the process of licensing these data.

Information about obtaining this restricted-use dataset, which requires a restricted-use data license, is available at As of July 1, 2007, IES/NCES will only accept restricted-use data license applications through its new electronic application system (see: Any license application that does not come through this new system will be returned to the applicant. More information about applying for restricted-use data licenses is available at and in the "Restricted-Use Data Procedures Manual" at

For requests or questions related to the NLTS2 database please contact, IES Data Security or Akilah Nelson.

Documentaton and Dictionaries

Included here are the data documentation and dictionaries for all five waves of NLTS2. The information is unrestricted, does not contain nís (i.e., number of subjects), and is available to the general public.

Errata for Data Documentation, Dictionaries, and File

Data Documentation Errata

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Data Dictionary Errata

Errata to the documentation and dictionaries will be updated periodically. Check back for the latest updates.

Data Files Errata

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