Educators' Page

Welcome, Educators and Adult Service Providers!

NLTS2 study findings report on such important topics as successful transition planning efforts, risk behaviors, dropout prevention, and self-determination. Educators play a critical role in NLTS2 because many of you have provided important information about your practices in working with students. Check out our Reports & Products for data, fact sheets, and reports about these important topics.

We anticipate that NLTS2 will be a resource for educators as they seek to improve results for youth. This site will be a resource to disseminate information about NLTS2 findings and a forum to discuss the meaning of those results and how they can be applied in school settings.

In 2004, we completed our final year of survey data collection at the school level. We continued to collect transcripts for youth who will still be in high school.

More than 400 of the over 500 school districts and special schools participating in the study wished to be recognized on the Web.

In addition to school coordinator stipends and teacher honorariums, as a thank you for assisting with NLTS2, 20 schools were randomly selected to receive $500 gift certificates for school supplies.

We appreciate the involvement and support of all staff and teachers in school districts across the country.