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Standardized Testing among Secondary School Students with Disabilities (April 2004)

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Virtually all secondary students with disabilities (99%) went to schools that gave mandated standardized test for some students, and 85% were at grade levels in which standardized tests were administered. Among secondary students with disabilities at those grade levels, 80% took mandates standardized tests, 11% were given alternate assessments, and 9% were exempted from testing.

Almost three-fourths of secondary school test takers with disabilities received some type of accommodation or modification. These may relate to time, setting, presentation, response, equipment and materials, or different forms of the test. 57% of students with disabilities received this accommodation when they took mandated standardized tests.

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Facts from OSEP's National Longitudinal Studies: Standardized testing among secondary school students with disabilities (April 2004). Menlo Park, CA: SRI International. Available at